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Backed by a global network and a commitment to service, Howe Leather has achieved international recognition over many years as a trusted supplier of quality automotive leather.

Howe Leather brings a tradition of craftsmanship and the world's best manufacturing techniques to each step of the production process. The result is the highest quality automotive leather which offers the perfect blend of colour, texture, comfort, durability style and prestige. Leather which not only meets, but surpasses, the most stringent requirements of customers and international quality standards.

Howe Leather stands behind every piece of leather it produces. A century of craftsmanship and the finest manufacturing techniques combine to make a bold statement of style and strength that will continue to impress for many years into the future.

Leather that has no equal substitute.


The Howe Leather story begins in Melbourne, Australia, in the late 1800's, where the original company established a reputation for superb leather craftsmanship. In a short space of time, the company became the leading Australian producer of leather for furniture, clothing, footwear, heavy belting, household items and motor vehicle seats and trims. As a mark of the company's reputation & standing, in the 1920's, leather by Howe was selected to upholster the seats of Australia's first federal Parliament House in the nation's capital, Canberra.

During the building of the new Parliament House, in the 1980's, Howe Leather was once again chosen as the leather supplier.

In the year 1997 Howe Leather strategically positioned itself as a 100% Automotive leather manufacturing operation.

In 2005 Howe Leather expanded its cutting production facilities into China and Slovakia, and in 2015 expanded its finishing operation into Slovakia, supporting a strong and regionally diverse customer base.

Significant investment in these plants has resulted in state-of-the-art capabilities across all production facilities.

Through the years of growth and expansion Howe Leather has continuously upgraded its facilities to produce the world's best automotive leather. This has included contributing to and drawing from scientific research, investing in the latest innovative technologies, and developing world’s best practice production techniques and systems. 

Our Stakeholder, and Our People contribute to our ongoing success story.

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Howe Automotive Limited is committed to being the best, most respected and valued automotive leather supplier in the world.


We are relentless in our quest to manufacture and deliver world-class quality automotive interior leather at internationally competitive prices. To achieve this mission, we empower our staff to develop individual and collective skills, fostering an ethos of continuous improvement.

Ongoing communication with our customers further strengthens our

partnerships and allows us to deliver a superior service with world

class products


Howe Automotive Limited is an Australian company that encourages its global employees to adopt values of fairness, respect, and equal opportunity, irrespective of gender and cultural differences.

Howe Automotive Limited aims to be at the forefront of technological advances,

ensuring that we deliver unquestionable value to our global customers.



Howe Leather is a leading automotive supplier primarily in the premium segment, this holds true to our quality, performance and craftmanship.

We continually create the expectation for innovation, by demonstrating our capabilities from our unique range of technically unparalleled designs, textures, performance, and quality. As a leading player in the automotive interior leather market, we invest in research and development (R&D) activities to guarantee the production of the most advanced natural leather in a variety of colours, textures, and design effects, that is functional and technically compliant to OEM specifications.

For more than a century the meticulous design and manufacture of luxurious leather have been inspired through the collective experience and development of our people.

Our synchronous relationship with our customers is based on long standing trust in our product performance and quality. Our goal is to persevere and exceed  our customers expectation.



An outstanding international customer base exemplifies Howe Leather's global standing as a premium supplier of automotive leather. To meet the needs of the world's leading manufacturers of prestige vehicles, Howe Leather has in place global resources and a commitment to customer-first service. This means that management, operational, technical and sales representatives are constantly available for customers in each market, ensuring a two-way flow of information and feedback.

Through Howe's global teams, customers are also able to access Howe Leather's research and quality assurance resources in order to develop new applications, patterns and specifications in the most efficient time frame. Howe utilises its global network to constantly build its reputation as an energetic and resourceful partner, who is committed to helping automotive customers achieve superb and sustainable outcomes.



Howe’s success results from our tight-knit global network of plants, suppliers, and partners.
We service our customers through a global network of facilities in Slovakia, Australia, and China and have sales offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

All branches of Howe's global organisation work together to ensure our leather is readily available and meets the highest quality standards.

  • Thomastown, Australia (Head Office): Finishing and Sales Office

  • Shanghai, China: Cutting Factory and Sales Office

  • Košice, Slovakia: Cutting and Finishing Factory and Sales Office

  • Sarling, Austria: Sales Office

  • Bangkok, Thailand: Sales and Quality Office

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